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When You or Your Loved One Has Been Injured or Killed in a Massachusetts Auto Accident, You Need to Choose an Experienced and Highly Skilled Cambridge Car Accident Lawyer or Cambridge, MA Wrongful Death Attorney. Call Today at 617-787-3700!

If you have been hurt in a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident, you are most likely experiencing a fair amount of pain and suffering as a result of your Massachusetts auto accident injuries. You may also be feeling the stresses and strain of trying to pay for all of your medical bills; and, if you are unable to work, you are probably also feeling worried about how you are going to pay for your and your family’s ongoing living expenses.

You can rest assured that our Cambridge, Massachusetts car accident lawyers understand the multiple issues and challenges that all Cambridge, MA motor vehicle accident victims must confront, including receiving proper and professional medical treatment and care for their injuries and getting fair and just compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, personal injuries and pain and suffering. Our Cambridge, Massachusetts car accident injury lawyers have been helping and assisting Cambridge, MA car accident victims get justice for over 25 years. Our Cambridge, Massachusetts car accident injury attorneys are devoted to providing our Cambridge, MA and other Massachusetts clients with an incomparably superior level of professional service and professional care. With the litigation experience, trial experience, extensive knowledge about Massachusetts auto accident law, and the unquestionable skill of our Cambridge, MA car accident injury attorneys, coupled with our unwavering devotion and dedication to our Cambridge, MA injured clients, our Cambridge, Massachusetts car accident injury law office consistently produces excellent results and superior outcomes.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer Specialists at Our Massachusetts Law Firm Are Highly Skilled in Handling All Types of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Accident Personal Injury Claims. Our Cambridge, MA Auto Crash Attorney Experts Are Available 24/7.

Our expert, highly skilled Cambridge, MA car accident attorneys are pleased to represent the residents of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and have represented many Cambridge, Massachusetts car accident injury accident victims for more than the past 25 years. Our expert Cambridge, MA attorneys look forward to helping Cambridge residents in the future with their Massachusetts car accident injury cases.

The Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates is a Massachusetts plaintiff’s car accident personal injury law firm that handles all types of Cambridge, MA motor vehicle accident cases and all other types of Cambridge, MA personal injury claims. Our Massachusetts law firm has been representing Cambridge residents injured in motor vehicle accidents through no fault of their own for many, many years. Our Cambridge, Massachusetts car accident injury lawyers are experts in all types of Massachusetts car accident injury claims.

Our experienced and seasoned team of trustworthy and highly skilled Cambridge car accident claim attorneys and Cambridge, MA auto accident trial lawyers has many years of experience handling all types of Massachusetts auto accident claims. Our Cambridge, MA motor vehicle injury attorneys understand that the most important issue for our Cambridge clients now is to work on recovering from their emotional and physical trauma, pain and shock. Our Cambridge, MA auto accident lawyers will act quickly and efficiently to handle all of your immediate issues and needs and to expertly navigate your negotiations with Massachusetts insurance companies, as well as responsible parties and their legal representatives. Our Cambridge, MA personal injury lawyers will handle all of your paperwork arising from your Massachusetts accident injuries, including submitting your medical bills for payment.

What To Do After Your Massachusetts Auto Accident:

If you have been involved in a Massachusetts auto accident, collecting information at the time of the accident will be very helpful in a future auto accident claim or lawsuit. First, obtain insurance information from each driver involved in the accident. Also obtain vehicle information, such as license plate numbers and the make and model of the vehicles involved. In addition, gather first and last names, as well as phone numbers for all of the parties involved in the accident, including drivers and witnesses. Finally, it is important to note specific details of the accident, such as weather conditions, speed, location and time of the accident. Any photographs of the accident scene or vehicle damage may also be helpful in a future auto accident lawsuit. It is also important to seek immediate medical attention for any injuries you sustained during the Massachusetts auto accident.

Auto Insurance Coverage in Massachusetts:

A Cambridge resident who is injured in a Massachusetts car accident may need treatment ranging from multiple hospital visits, physical therapy or surgery. Massachusetts is a no- fault state with regard to car accidents, meaning that an injured Cambridge car accident victim will have his or her medical bills paid regardless of whether or not that individual caused the accident. Most often, the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance carrier of the car you were in as a driver or passenger, or the car you were hit by if you were a pedestrian, will pay the first $2,000.00 in reasonable and necessary medical and hospital bills. If the injured individual does not have health insurance or has insurance that will not pay medical bills, he or she may be entitled to up to $8,000.00 in medical coverage under the PIP insurance. Our Cambridge, Massachusetts motor vehicle accident attorneys work diligently to get all of our client’s medical bills paid.

The Massachusetts insurance company that pays the medical bills of the injured Cambridge auto accident victim is also required to pay any lost wages that the individual suffered as a result of the accident and his or her subsequent inability to work. Typically, the injured Massachusetts driver or pedestrian is compensated 75% of lost wages under PIP, based on his or her average weekly wage, up to $8,000.00. If more serious and permanent injuries arise from the Massachusetts auto accident, the victim may be compensated for lost earning capacity. Additionally, compensation for pain and suffering, permanent and partial disability, or scarring and disfigurement may be paid by the insurance company for the negligent driver. If the negligent driver does not have insurance coverage, or the insurance coverage is inadequate to fully compensate a victim for his or her injuries, there may be recovery of money damages under Massachusetts uninsured or Massachusetts underinsured coverage.

Your Massachusetts Car Accident Lawsuit:

In order for our Cambridge auto accident attorneys to make a successful claim for your injuries, the other driver must be at fault for the accident, meaning that he or she acted negligently. Negligence is defined as the failure to use reasonable care while operating a Massachusetts motor vehicle. In order to establish negligence, an injured party must prove the required elements of negligence. First, the victim must prove that the negligent driver had a duty to act in a certain way. Second, the victim must prove that the negligent driver breached that particular duty. Third, the driver must have caused the accident. Lastly, the victim must be able to show damages as a result of the accident.

Oftentimes, negligence can be established by proving that a Cambridge driver failed to obey traffic signals, drove in excess of the speed limit, or drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Our Cambridge motor vehicle accident lawyers are very skilled at proving the negligence of the other driver. Unsuitable road conditions and inadequate lighting that result in a Massachusetts car accident also can be the basis of a claim for damages against the road designers. A Cambridge construction worker can be liable for a Cambridge car accident if he or she fails to keep the roadway safe during construction.

Massachusetts law limits the time in which you can file a Massachusetts auto accident lawsuit, so please call our Cambridge auto accident attorneys as soon as possible at (617) 787-3700 or email us at Let us put our knowledge and expertise to work for you or your loved one!

What Our Cambridge, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer Experts Will Do:

'Our expert Cambridge, MA motor vehicle accident attorneys will investigate and obtain all available Massachusetts evidence regarding your car accident claim in order to maximize the monetary compensation you receive for your pain and suffering and costs and expenses. Our experienced team of Cambridge, MA car accident lawyers will also speak on your behalf with the Massachusetts police, Massachusetts insurance claims adjusters and anyone else seeking a statement or other information from you, to ensure that your interests and rights are always upheld and protected to the utmost extent possible. We will aggressively and expertly move forward with your Massachusetts auto accident claim or Massachusetts car accident lawsuit to maximize the money damages that you recover. In short, our Cambridge, MA car accident lawyer specialists will expertly handle your Massachusetts car accident claim from start to finish.

From the most serious Massachusetts car accidents, involving life-threatening and more permanent injuries, such as broken bones or traumatic brain injuries, to lesser, but still serious Massachusetts collisions resulting in neck, back or other soft-tissue pain and injury, our Cambridge, MA auto accident injury attorney specialists will help you recover full compensation for the injuries you have suffered due to someone else’s negligent or careless driving.

The City of Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge, Massachusetts is home to just over 105,000 people, in addition to thousands of college students. Cambridge, MA is globally recognized for its outstanding universities and colleges. Cambridge is also famous in New England for its popular squares. The City of Cambridge, MA, early in its history, first encompassed a much larger area, parts of which have now broken off into the separate areas of Newton, Lexington, West Cambridge and Brighton.

Cambridge has a rich and extensive cultural history and tradition. Mount Auburn Cemetery is located at the border of Cambridge and Watertown, MA. The Cemetery has the oldest planned landscape in America, famous inhabitants and an arboretum. The Middlesex County Court House, which has become a part of the National Register of Historical Places, is also found in Cambridge and is a very active litigation center in Massachusetts.

The world renowned Harvard University was first founded in 1636 to train colony ministers. Harvard was the first college established in North America, and is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States and throughout the world. The bustling Harvard Yard and surrounding Harvard Square area contribute significantly to the culture and ambiance of Cambridge, MA. Cambridge is also home to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where great scientific minds have contributed to the city’s growing and successful biotechnology industry. As a result, nearby Kendall Square is informally called “Technology Square.”

In addition to Harvard Square and Kendall Square, Cambridge is also home to Porter Square, Central Square and Lechmere Square, areas known for their nightlife, shopping, ethnic restaurants, unique stores and diversity. These areas are readily accessible by the Red and Green MBTA lines. Cambridge residents love to utilize the MBTA, but also enjoy walking throughout their city and engaging in bike riding on Cambridge’s many bike paths.


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The Massachusetts Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates is a team of Cambridge, Massachusetts auto accident attorneys and other expert Massachusetts lawyers from some of the best law offices in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who have been personally selected by Attorney Hoy to represent our Cambridge, MA clients because of their great skill, extensive experience and unquestionable expertise in Massachusetts motor vehicle accident cases. 

Many of the Cambridge, Mass car accident attorneys, Cambridge, MA personal injury lawyers and Cambridge, Massachusetts wrongful death lawyers who are available to our Cambridge, MA personal injury clients through referral agreements have been repeatedly selected and recognized as among the very best Massachusetts personal injury lawyers. Whatever your Massachusetts car accident legal issue is, we have a trained Cambridge, Massachusetts attorney to assist you.
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